Who or what is HYDAC KineSys?


With over 8,000 employees worldwide, HYDAC is one of the leading suppliers of fluid technology, hydraulic and electronic equipment.


The KineSys team is your partner for expertise in drive solutions for Kinematic Systems.

Where does the name KineSys come from?


The name KineSys is derived from the composition of the words kinematics and system.

What are variable speed drives?


KineSys variable speed drives (DVA) are characterized by the perfect symbiosis of hydraulics and electronics. The integrated control system allows the drive motor to be controlled on demand. This results in a great potential for energy savings, as only the amount of energy required is made available. Energy savings of up to 70%, depending on the machine cycle, can be achieved. Due to the condition-optimized adaptation of the KineSys solution, the power loss is reduced to a minimum and the complexity on hydraulic side is drastically reduced.

What is an electrical cylinder?



Electric cylinders, also called electric lift cylinders or electromechanical cylinders, are electrically driven adjustment actuators. Unlike fluidic cylinders, these are already fully functional systems.


The KineSys product name HEZ stands for Hydac Electric Cylinder. Within the HEZ, the rotary motion of the electric motor is converted into a linear motion by a screw drive. Different positioning forces, travel speeds and duty cycles can be realized by the choice of gearbox and drive.

What is a CO3 power unit?



Based on a variable speed drive, full integration of frequency converter and cooling system, the CO3 power pack represents a very cost effective compact hydraulic supply unit. Main application area of this plug&play solution are machine tools, especially lathes.

Why are variable-speed drives considered especially energy efficient and quiet?



Variable-speed drives are considered to be particularly energy-efficient and quiet because both the required volume flow and the hydraulic and thus the electrical power are provided to the consumer as needed. Hydraulic volume flow and speed of the motor are reduced, noise level of fan and hydraulic pump is minimized. The drive train can even be switched off completely if there is no demand. Accordingly, a variable speed drive is significantly quieter and more energy efficient compared to conventional drives with constant motor speed. 

Which pump types are used at HYDAC KineSys?



HYDAC KineSys uses external gear pumps (PGE) and internal gear pumps (PGI) as well as other pump types on request.

Electric cylinder

Why are electric cylinders considered environmentally friendly?



Electric cylinders (HEZ) are "closed axes". An environmentally harmful "leakage" can be excluded. Unlike hydraulics, no oil is drawn from a tank and pumped through various components into the hydraulic cylinders. In a HEZ, there is no liquid "medium" to transmit the power. This function is performed by the motor, the gearbox and the spindle. The rotational movement of the motor is converted into a linear movement. Only grease lubrication protects the components and internal friction is reduced. Environmental damage can be prevented by using electric cylinders.

What force ranges can be covered with Hydac Electric Cylinders (HEZ)?



  • HEZ-0 up to 6 kN
  • HEZ-2 up to 25 kN
  • HEZ-3 up to 70 kN
  • HEZ-X up to 500 kN

What are the advantages of HEZ compared to hydraulic systems?



  • Decentralization
  • No complex connection between power unit and cylinder
  • No leakage
  • No pollution of environment and nature
  • No maintenance intervals necessary (lifetime lubrication)
  • High dynamics and accuracy
  • Speed control / position control is easy to implement through fixed spindle pitch
  • Easy control and operation
  • Fast commissioning through "plug and play"
  • Large temperature range
  • Many additional options possible (IP protection class, ATEX protection)

Is force control possible with a HEZ?



Yes, via current or torque values of the motor. Depending on the requirements, external force sensors can also be used for higher accuracy.

Is position control possible with a HEZ?


Yes, via rotary (or angle) encoders directly on the motor shaft or via external linear position encoders.

Is synchronization of two or more electric cylinders possible?


Yes, both mechanically coupled and software synchronized operation are possible.

Can a HEZ be used in S1 continuous operation mode?


Yes, the prerequisites are the performance and cycle data in order to provide the appropriate dimensioning.

Can a HEZ be operated without using a frequency inverter?


Yes, for simple applications such as extending and retracting at a constant speed, a frequency inverter is not necessary.

What data is needed for the design?


You can click directly on the link "HEZ questionnaire" and enter your data. For a request send it afterwards to kinesys(at)hydac.com.

Frequency Inverter

What does the abbreviation HFI-MM mean?


The HYDAC HFI-MM (Hydac Frequency Inverter – Motor Mounted) drive controller is a device for speed control of three-phase asynchronous motors.


The drive controller can be used motor-mounted (with "Standard" adapter plate) or close to the motor (with "Wall-mounted" adapter plate).

What does the abbreviation HFI-CM mean?


HYDAC HFI-CM (Hydac Frequency Inverter – Cabinet Mounted) drive controller for permanently excited synchronous motors.


A servo drive system with a wide power range, flexible fieldbus connection, integrated safety technology and IEC61131 programmability.

Does the 400V power supply of the inverter have to be shielded?



No, the 400V power supply for the frequency inverter does not have to be shielded. Only the cable between the motor and the inverter must be shielded.